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eBook page

How to Protect Your Small Business From Hackers

Download our ebook “How to Protect Your Small Business From Hackers.”  It’s a Cybersecurity Primer for Small Businesses: What you need to know, what to avoid, and how to find out if you are vulnerable

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In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Why Cybersecurity matters, and why Antivirus software isn’t enough protection
  • The costs of a data breach
  • How to prepare for a data breach
  • Which businesses are most vulnerable
  • Why Cybersecurity is an ongoing process
  • How hybrid work and work from home has increased vulnerability
  • Best practices for preventing cyber attacks
  • Common mistakes businesses make
  • How to protect your business with a Penetration Test to simulate an attack, find and fix vulnerabilities, and develop a robust security control system