The Value of Managed IT Services for SMBs

The Value of Managed IT Services for SMBs

Small to mid-sized business (SMB) owners always look for ways to improve efficiency, increase profits, and reduce costs. These goals have become more challenging, given constant supply chain disruptions and economic uncertainty.

Many owners of small or medium-sized businesses shy away from the idea of hiring tech support, as they are often concerned about the cost versus the value it offers small businesses. Fortunately, managed IT services can turn your IT from a necessary expense into an invaluable growth asset.

What Does An IT Support Company Do?

The role of an IT support company or managed service provider (MSP) is to proactively assist organizations of all sizes, organize, manage, and thrive with technology. Depending on your specific needs, these services may include cloud solutions, network security, IT consulting, help desk services, and much more.

How Managed IT Services Help SMBs

Any business that relies on technology can significantly benefit from partnering with a managed IT services company. With the right tech support team, you and your employees can focus on growing your business while saving on IT costs. Here are some ways managed IT services offer real value for your business:

Expert Knowledge

A managed services provider gives you access to a team of highly qualified IT experts who will be able to identify which software and hardware solutions best support your business. They’ll keep your systems up to date and ensure that you are aware of technological changes that could improve your workflow and efficiency. Many IT service providers have a 24/7 help desk should questions arise, day or night.

Data Backup and Recovery

Any business that utilizes technology needs a data backup and recovery plan. Whether it’s a power outage, vandalism, or another disaster, you must have a recovery plan to protect your data. Many small and medium-sized businesses fail to back up data regularly. The easiest way to protect your data is to have a tech support specialist set up cloud-based backups for your organization.

Network Security

From dealing with hacking and malware to managing significant security breaches, network security and management are vital tools for all businesses. Cybercriminals know that small businesses are easy targets for malicious attacks. Implementing security measures with a trusted IT support team is essential to protecting your business. A managed IT service provider will help safeguard your data and equipment against attacks through regular software updates, data backups, and the latest cybersecurity services.

Increased Productivity

Constantly dealing with technology issues can be time-consuming for you and your employees. Having an expert manage your information technology can significantly improve your business processes and efficiency, reducing downtime and improving productivity. Partnering with an IT team that makes regular visits to ensure all your technology is properly operating allows you to focus on running your business and increasing revenue.

Cost Savings

With managed IT services, you’ll pay less than you would to recruit and hire a full-time IT professional. Your overall costs are reduced because you save on recruitment, employee benefits, and other costs associated with full-time employees. In addition, managed IT service providers often locate and fix minor inefficiencies and technical problems before they become more costly issues to resolve. Less downtime allows you to generate more revenue.

Tailored for Your Needs

When you talk to a provider about managed IT services, expect them to ask you many questions. They need to know what you do and how you deliver your products or services. Once they understand your business and IT needs, they can offer the right solutions for your company. Walk away from any provider that offers a one size fits all model – that is not what managed IT is. A medical clinic requires substantially different IT support than a restaurant or clothing store – ensure the provider you hire understands the IT compliance standards applicable to your industry.

To Summarize, Managed IT Services Offer SMBs:

  • Expert technical support
  • Improved network security
  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Lower equipment costs

How To Choose Your Provider

A quick Google search for managed IT services will result in pages and pages of companies offering what seem to be almost identical services. Choosing the best IT support provider for your business can be challenging. Read our recent blog for helpful tips on choosing the right IT-managed service provider for your company.

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