Project Fortify is Here

Why Project Fortify?

No Conflicts

We use a 3rd party service to run our penetration tests.

Easy To Run

The software is a one-click install and run.

No Pressure

This is simply to educate and inform. You are not required to use us for cyber security.

Helping Businesses in Berlin, NJ Learn More About Their Cyber Security Needs

Here at Fortify IT Solutions, we care about two things. 1) Cyber Security and 2) People. Everything we do as a company is focused on our clients. We truly believe that by helping our clients with cyber security we are also helping to safeguard their customers, vendors, employees, and all others that they interact with.

We want to help educate the businesses of South Jersey and the Philadelphia area by helping them detect potential risks with a penetration test at no cost.

Where are You Most Vulnerable?

Most business owners have no clue how vulnerable their network is. With cybercrime being up 600% in 2021, the times of being blissfully ignorant of our security are gone. Realistically, when your data and network become compromised it is not only your company at risk. Your employees, your customers, vendors, and others are all put at risk as well.

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How Do You Find Out Where You Are Vulnerable?

The very best way to find out where you are vulnerable is with a penetration test. This is a test done on every computer at your company that scans for vulnerabilities and within a week we are able to get real information showing us where problems are that can be fixed.

It’s Free With NO Catch

Companies spend over $5000/year on penetration tests on their network. However, the purpose of Project Fortify is a passion project for us. We consider ourselves to be part of the greater network of small to mid-sized businesses in the United States and our care for people motivates us to provide help by offering this to you for free. While we do have the most industry-leading cyber security platform, it is not expected of you to use it.

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Let’s Get Started

Our whole goal is to educate and help small to mid-sized businesses get a better understanding of the importance of cyber security at their company. The whole process is simple. The penetration test runs in the background and the report takes about a week to populate. But it all starts with you contacting us to set up your penetration test.