Senior Engineer (Level 3)

Senior Engineer (Level 3)

Department: Service and Support
Reports to: Chief Experience Officer

General Summary:

Senior Network Engineers are strong in all the most common and popular networking technologies as well as some of the more mature ones. In addition to strong technical aptitudes, backed by at least 5 years of hard core in the trenches experience, this person is a powerful communicator and a person who can manage well when the client is in a pickle and really needs strong guidance. The pace and demands in this environment are usually much greater than an “in-house” position. This person should be prompt and/or know the importance of communicating ETA’s to clients. This person should be skillful at pre-project/work-briefings with each client on each project. This person should then be able to execute with a high degree of success in integrating and/or solving problems in environments rich in Microsoft Server, Exchange, SQL, IIS, Cisco Internetworking, VPNs, firewalls, backups, Linux, UNIX and more. The more truly capable the engineer is in all these areas, the higher the utility value.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Server Operating Systems
  • Installation, configuration, and troubleshooting
  • Configure file, print, and remote access services
  • Basic administration, including add/remove users and groups, configure file permissions, check event logs, configure and restore from backup
  • Enterprise E-mail
    • Required: Exchange Server/Microsoft 365
    • Installation, configuration and troubleshooting of clients, including remote clients
    • Extreme administration of enterprise e-mail application, including add/remove users and group, configure folder permissions if applicable, forward mail to other accounts, and add aliases, replication and Clustering
  • Workstation
  • Required: Windows
    • Troubleshooting and configuration
    • Configuration of standard POP, SMTP & Exchange clients including Outlook
    • Installation, configuration, troubleshooting and customization of MS Office Suite applications per customer’s preferences
    • Solid understanding of and ability to install, configure and test workstation hardware including video cards, NICs, sound cards, hard drives, and PDAs
  • Other Preferred Technical Knowledge
    • Solid understanding of and ability to configure TCP/IP subnetting and troubleshooting Internet connectivity
    • Experience with and understanding of routers and firewalls
    • Experience and understanding of Terminal Services & Citrix
    • Understanding of relationship between switches, hubs, patch panels and connecting nodes to a network
    • Understanding of DNS services
    • Understanding of High Availability / Load Balancing solutions
  • Projects
    • Assisting to drive projects forward by offering technical expertise and collaboration with project manager
    • Adhering to all project plans as detailed and scheduled
    • Adhering to all documentation completion requirements i.e. Change control document
  • Other Considerations
    • Ability to follow business processes as they are implemented
    • Ability to contribute feedback/ideas on business processes in a collaborative manner
    • DAILY time entry accounting for at least 7 hours in the form of Resolution Notes in Service Tickets
    • Monthly billing should be at least 75% or more of a typical month of about 170 hours available
    • Regular and timely completion of Minimum Documentation Standards for each client
    • On-going self-training to preserve professional viability is a must
    • Execution and conclusion of projects on-time and/or successful management of client expectations when targets cannot be met
    • Ability to maintain good communication with all dispatch/triage personnel as well as management with regards to events and changes transpiring at client sites
    • Ability to effectively communicate with client at all levels from IT personnel to CXO’s and to understand business issues in context of IT issues
    • Takes ownership of tasks and follows through to ensure complete resolution
    • Operates with a sense of urgency as necessary
    • Conducts follow up in a timely manner
    • Takes a personal interest in, and responsibility for, quality of work they perform or are associated with
    • Ability to pay close attention to detail while performing technically detailed tasks
    • Ability to deal effectively with stressful situations
    • Ability and willingness to recognize when it is necessary to ask for technical expertise from others without unnecessarily burdening other team members
    • Ability to provide accurate time estimates for how long a task will take
    • Understands that the success of individuals is measured by the success of their teams
    • Ability to quickly learn new technologies through the use of self-study materials and intuition
    • Enjoys helping people to the extent that no problem is considered mundane, no matter how simple the solution (i.e. — Susie can’t print)
    • Enjoys sharing information, supporting others, and working on a team to achieve team goals
    • Takes part in the recruiting process from a technical aspect

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Working Knowledge of Firewall Technologies – SonicWALL, FortiNET, Cisco, etc
  • Working Knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server
  • Working Knowledge of Wireless Technologies
  • Will acquire Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification within 3 months of employment

If interested, please send your resume and cover letter to: [email protected].