Tips for Securing Your Company Website

Tips for Securing Your Company Website

Your companies website is the number one public facing aspect of your company. If built correctly, your company website should be popping up on page one of a google search. Websites that do come up page one, are attacked by cyber threats constantly. Whether you are a small business or a multi-billion dollar company your website could be leaving you open to a massive cyber attack that could be avoided.

Tips to Strengthen Your Website’s Security:
  1. Firewall: when you sign up for hosting, ALWAYS get the security package. If set up properly, a strong firewall could prevent 99% of cyber attacks.
  2. HTTPS: purchase and add on an SSL certificate. This protects your customer’s data.
  3. Anti-Spam: download the CleanTalk Anti-Spam program to prevent bots from spamming your site.
  4. Backups: make sure that your website is having daily backups. If attacked, you can restore in one click.
  5. Force Registration and Strong Passwords: for any website user or commentor to have an account with a strong password.
  6. CAPTCHA: use google V3 Recaptcha to protect you and your users.

Your company, your employees, your vendors, and your customers all deserve to have a safe interaction with your company and website. The above tips are some of the most pertinent and powerful tactics to protecting you online. If you need help implementing, we invite you to contact us! We are always ready and available to help you.


It’s Time to Take Your Security Serious!

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