Project Fortify Has Arrived

Project Fortify Has Arrived

Last month we talked about the importance of a Penetration Test. We did that to lead up to a big announcement this month about Project Fortify! For those that have already clicked and started their journey, we want to say welcome aboard! But for the rest of you, we wanted to give you some more information.

The Problem:

We have seen far too many small to mid-sized businesses get taken advantage of by cyber criminals or IT companies selling products they don’t need. This directly affects their business operations, damages their reputation, and drains their wallet. We are committed to people first!

The Fix:

Project Fortify is designed to identify your cyber security risks so we can develop a plan to better protect your company, your employees, your vendors, and effectively the communities you serve.
We do this by performing a FREE penetration test on your computers and network. This is a simple process that requires no onsite visit from one of our techs and only seconds of your time to run. Once the scans have completed, we will provide you with a report showing you the areas where you are vulnerable along with recommended steps to mitigate your risks. Armed with that information, we can provide you with a customized cyber security plan for your company.