The Importance of a Penetration Test

If I were to ask you, “Where is your company most vulnerable in your cyber security?” What would be your answer? For many business owners, it seems that this is a question that draws a blank. You start a business, hire employees, focus on sales, and then act in a reactive way to issues that come up.
The problem with being reactive is that there is certain damage that is now irreversible. When your company is victim to a cyber attack it puts your company, your employees, your vendors, and all of the people they all serve and engage with at risk.
What is a Penetration Test?
A penetration test is a scan of your hardware and network to find vulnerabilities that could lead to cyber attack
How Much Does it Cost?
Penetration tests cost fortune 500 companies $5000+ annually. This is a test that has to be run on every employee’s computer to ensure that all holes are found.
Then What?!?
Once you have this information, you know what the next steps are. You know exactly where to patch to prevent harm. Fortify IT Solutions can help. We want to perform a penetration test for you. We believe in serving people first. So we are offering free penetration tests to both our clients and non simply as an educational helping hand.

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