The Cyber Security Effect of the Russia/Ukraine War

The Cyber Security Effect of the Russia/Ukraine War

Unless you are living under a rock, you know what is happening in the world. Russia, specifically Putin, decided to invade Ukraine causing millions of people to be at risk in their daily life living in fear from the threat of physical attack. We hope and pray that the innocent people of this region are safe and that this conflict ends soon.

Recently, many of you have been reaching out to us asking what we think the effect is on the cyber world and if you should be concerned or taking steps to secure your company. Here are some areas that the war has been affecting.

  1. Ransomeware
    This is on the rise in the medical and financial sectors right now. Other sectors that should be concerned are legal and other sectors with sensitive information.
  2. Server Hacking
    Where is your company website and network hosted? If it is not in the US, then you should take the steps to get it moved now. Non-US-based servers are not held to the same cyber laws. Hackers trying to hurt Russia are attacking their servers and you could be collateral damage.
  3. Russia Cyber Attack Spill Over
    Russia is using cyberattacks to delete information in Ukraine’s government network. Eset, a cyber security company, has found this software and is concerned it may spill over.
  4. Misinformation and Phishing

    Hackers are going to be using fake news to lure people into clicking links with harmful intent.

There Has Never Been a Better Time!!!

If our modern-day situation is not driving you as a business owner, C-level executive, or IT Manager to get a cyber security plan in place then you are putting yourself and your business at risk.
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