3 Website Security Tips for 2022

3 Website Security Tips for 2022

We always talk about computer and network cyber security, but something that is just as important would be your companies website. Your company website is the most public-facing internet presence of your company. One thing we know for certain, the better the website the great the cyber threats. So if your website performs well on google search, then cyber attackers want to get access even more.

Here are some ways that Cyber Attackers go after websites:

  • SEO Hack – your website will look good if you go directly to it. But if you do a search and click the link in the results it will take you to a spam website.
  • Payment Gateway – probably one of the most creative and can affect more than just your companies presence online. Cyber attackers change the payment gateway details to send money to a bank account of their choosing.
  • Data Breach – they hack your website to gain customer data. This happened to Target and other companies over the past few years. Their goal is to get social security numbers, credit cards number, and other sensitive information.
  • Malicious Hack – this is when a hacker just wants to hurt your company by tacking down your website and deleting files.

So we thought we would pass along 3 tips (keep it short and sweet) to help you protect your companies website!

  1. Anti-Spam – get a solid anti-spam that is organic and evolving. This should not only block harmful threats but also prevent unwanted spam posting on your site that may harm your customers. We recommend WordFence or CleanTalk if you have a WordPress website.
  2. Firewall – pay the extra money when you get hosting and buy the security package. They normally come with one repair if needed. The best part is the configuration of the firewall. You can block harmful countries that have little to no cyber laws.
  3. HTTPS/SSL Certificated – These are becoming mandatory from an SEO perspective. When you have an SSL certificate, your customer data is encrypted so it is not able to be stolen by attackers. Websites that lack an SSL cert are being removed from Google search. Now is the time to get one if you haven’t yet.

The above list is not conclusive in any way. We didn’t even mention two-factor authentication for passwords! Which is a major one. The bottom line, if you have no security on your company site, then now is the time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you put together a cyber security plan for not only your company but your companies website too.