The Power of the Cloud in 2022

The Power of the Cloud in 2022

Here we are in 2022 and just when we thought that life was going back to normal, Omicron comes along and reminds us that the water is just not safe enough yet. That being said, as a company you are faced with three potential options: 1) have your employees come back to the office full time, 2) have your staff be hybrid coming in some days to stagger the number of people in the office at a given time, or 3) have the majority of your staff stay remote.

There is no one solution that fits all companies. So if you came here for advice on what to do… then you came to the wrong place. The people we want to help with this post are the business owners that fall into numbers 2 and 3.

When staff is working remotely, there are major problems in two areas.

The first is security. People are now working from the unsecured home networks on hardware with little to no antivirus and malware software.

The second is connectivity. If your staff is not able to access the files they need or work collaboratively on a project then your productivity crashes and it makes for an extremely unhappy day for your people. The vast majority of small to mid-sized businesses could benefit from a cloud-based solution.

Here are the benefits of going to the cloud:

  • Cost-effective – stand-alone dedicated servers are expensive and costly to maintain.
  • Flexibility – a cloud-based option is very flexible and customizable to your business.
  • Collaboration – cloud-based solutions help your people to work together in documents and more without using a clunky remote desktop.
  • User friendly – cloud software is easy to use.
  • Software Updates – the software updates are automatic and require a lot less oversight.

If you want help implementing a cloud-based solution in your business, then I want to invite you to contact us to set up a consultation. Our consultations are specifically to get to know you and your business to determine what your needs are and recommend a plan. Then if you are comfortable, we can move forward implementing a cloud system for your staff. No matter what, we hope you found this helpful and consider the cloud for your business.